Michael Fassbender On ‘Assassin’s Creed’ to Film, Including Badass Women

Michael Fassbender is not only the star of Assassin’s Creed, he is also the movie’s producer who obtained the film rights from Ubisoft. For the adaptation, Fassbender introduced aboard his director (Justin Kurzel) and co-star (Marion Cotillard) from the gritty adaptation of Macbeth, in which he held the titular role. Thus, Fassbender and I discussed the Shakespearian commonalities between the game and the film, such as secret societies and tragedy through bloodlines.

Instead of playing Desmond from the video games, this adaptation concentrates on Cal (Fassbender) a criminal who is saved a lethal injection to go through some tests on criminal behavior through his family bloodlines. The tests are run by Sofia (Cotillard), a researcher who hopes to eradicate violence by deciphering a code in the apple from Eden, of which Cal’s Fifteenth century ancestor was the last known person to have held.

Moreover to talking Shakespeare in the interview, Fassbender also discussed about the significance of having Cotillard’s role be written for a female who does not appear in the games, how far they are along with a follow up and he also talks a line of dialogue about “freedom in 2016.”

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